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Bisley Essentials Range

Bisley Essentials Range


Welcome to the new Bisley essential range of office storage and filing products

The Bisley Essentials range is a group of core products that no office can function without. Cupboards, tambours, lodges, drawers, desk high storage and combination units.


This select portfolio has allowed us to take the complexity out of specifying your perfect work space. A much simpler range not only means a tighter product family but also specific finishes and sizes. With Essentials what you see is what you get. Affordable, high quality storage to suit your needs.


  • All cupboardss are 470mm deep and have been designed to fit A4 binders, lateral and suspension filing
  • Available in 33 of Bisley’s most popular colours:
  • Essential Goose grey (av4),
  • Essential Traffic white (ba5),
  • Essential Black (av1),
  • Essential Silver (arn),
  • Essential Anthracite grey (aa3),
  • Essential Light grey (av7) and
  • Essential Chalk white   (ab9)
  • Essentials Parma
  • Esssentials Cardinal Red
  • Essential Fuchsia
  • Essential Dijon
  • Essentials Oxford Blue
  • Essential Alaska
  • Essentials Regent
  • Essential Bisley Blue
  • Essentials Ocean Blue
  • Essential Doulton
  • Essentials Prussian
  • Essential Coffee
  • Essentials Cream
  • Essential beige
  • Essential Slate
  • Essentials Mimosa
  • Essnetial Green
  • Essential yellow
  • Essentials Tickleweed
  • Essentials Sepia
  • Essentials Orange
  • Essentials Bisley pink


Bisley Essential Cupboards

  • Available in three widths 800mm, 914mm  and 1000mm
  • Available in 5 heights
  • Available in different door combinations
  • All units come with levelling feet allowing 15mm adjustment
  • All units come with shelves

All essential cupboards come with shelves (black) with extra shelves available if you require them

Bisley Direct neat storage solutions

 The Essential range is the mid-range product solution for storage


Practical and affordable, Bisley's new Essentials range provides the most vital storage and filing solutions for modern office environments. Spanning office cupboards, side filers, lodges, desk high storage, tambour cupboards and combination units, this new selection of products focus on functionality and affordability to help you create an efficient, clutter-free workspace without breaking the bank.


With all units available in seven of Bisley's most popular colours (anthracite grey, black, chalk white, goose grey, light grey, silver, traffic white) and each with a matching depth of 470mm, the Essentials range has been streamlined to not only concentrate on the necessities but also make it easier for you to design your office space overall.




 The Full Bisley Essentials Range is Below


Essentials Side Filers



With a width of 800mm or 1000mm The Bisley's Essentials Side Filers are a great way to get your filing in order. You have the option of their 2 Drawer (693mm high), 3 Drawer (1000mm high) or 4 Drawer (1300mm high) configurations, depending on your needs, which are all constructed with a robust steel carcase, a mastered lock for document security and sturdy drawers suitable for A4 binders, lateral filing, A4 and foolscap suspension filing, as well as A4 lever arch files, giving you plenty of flexibility for your storage. The Bisley Side Filers are ideal for desk side placements, where they can act as an extra surface as well as being conveniently to hand when you need access to your documents. Their flush fronted drawer design also means that these filing units will remain unobtrusive in the office and the adjustable feet at their base will help compensate for uneven floors, too.


Bisley Essentials Cupboards

With both an 800mm width and a 1000mm width, Bisley's Essentials Cupboards provide you with compact, multi-format storage units which are fully lockable, thanks to their mastered lock. The smallest of this range is the Bisley Essentials Cupboard – 800mm x 1000mm, which comes with one internal shelf, adjustable feet and space suitable for various file types, including A4 box files, A4 suspension filing, lateral files and A4 lever arch files, helping you keep all of your key documents in one place and within a hardy steel carcase which saves on floor space. All Essentials Cupboards feature internal shelves as standard, with the largest being their Essentials Cupboard – 1000mm x 1970mm, which gives you added height for even more storage capacity and four internal shelves. The minimal 470mm depth also means that there isn't the usual footprint of other units, opening up yet more floorspace within your working area. For both widths, you have the option of 1000mm, 1070mm, 1270mm, 1570mm or 1970mm heights. Choose a desk high or standard height cupboards

Bisley Essentials Desk High Units

 Specifically designed to match your desktop's height, these Bisley Essentials Desk High Units are an ideal choice if you want to make the most of your personal work area and want everything close-to-hand in one place. With a set height of 718mm and the option of an 800mm or 1000mm width, the desk high units come as two door cupboards, tambour cupboards or drawer units to meet your specific requirements at work, where you can even combine them for added storage room by your desk. Both widths of the Desk High Cupboards have two flush fronted doors, which are fully lockable and open to one internal shelf, where you'll be able to store your A4 binders, A4 suspension filing and A4 box files safely without worry.


If you're very limited on space within your office and cupboard doors which open outwards may cause problems, a more practical choice would be Bisley's Desk High Tambour Cupboards instead. Featuring one internal shelf, their rolling tambour door opens and closes within the unit itself, so remain out of the way at all times when in use, making them a great choice for smaller home offices, too. The tambour door matches the steel colour of the main body nicely and the fitted lock, once again, provides peace of mind when storing key work files.



Filing may be your main concern around the desktop, though. In that case, Bisley's Essentials are the filing solution for you, where you'll have two generous drawers suitable for A4 suspension filing, lateral files and A4 binders, all nearby for convenience.


 Bisley Essentials Tambour Cupboards


Bisley's selection of Essentials Tambour Cupboards is yet another option for your storage and filing needs.

Available in 800 or 1000mm widths and several height options

With the same seven colour options to choose from, these tambours are one of the most effective storage units for saving space in your office. Both the 800mm width and 1000mm width versions come with a fitted mastered lock, a hard-wearing steel carcase and an economical rolling tambour shutter, which can be opened/closed easily without doors protruding outwards. The 1000mm, 1070mm, 1270mm, 1570mm and 1970mm heights for both width variations come, respectively, with different internal shelf numbers to suit their builds, all suitable for storing a wide range of A4 file types, including bulky A4 box files and A4 binders. The taller heights, such as the Essentials Tambour Cupboard – 800mm x 1570mm or Bisley's Essentials Tambour Cupboard – 1000mm x 1970mm, provide a higher, more slender storage cupboard, yet without much of a footprint. There is even an extra height for the 1000mm width tambours in the Essentials Tambour Cupboard – 1000mm x 2270, for more than ample storage capacity and the benefit of five internal shelves.



Bisley Essentials Lodges


Perfect for office and schools, staff rooms, sports halls and cloak rooms,

Bisley's Essentials Lodges provide lockable personal storage space in a variety of sizes. There is the option of two widths and four different heights. The 693mm height has 4 individual lockers, the 1000mm height has six, plus the 1270mm and 1300mm heights both have eight compartments, so you'll easily be able to find the right lodge to suit your storage requirements. Inside a quality, hard wearing carcase, each door has a handy label holder, flush fronted handle design and a single mastered lock to help keep personal belongings safe.

The Bisley Essentials Lodges are also a practical solution within an actual office space, acting as an additional storage space for users to keep desk areas free of clutter.


Buy with confidence from BisleyDirect for the Bisley's Essentials ranges, you'll be able to create an efficient, organised workspace specific to your particular needs, at a price which is more than reasonable.

The uniformity of their designs and Bisley's focus on everyday practicalities means that there is always the option to combine numerous ranges at once, as well, to maximise the full potential of your space without it costing a fortune


Some customers call them Bisley essentials others call them Bisley essential



  • Available in 33 of Bisley’s most popular colours:


  • Essentials Goose grey (av4),
  • Essentials Traffic white (ba5),
  • Essentials Black (av1),
  • EssentialsSilver (arn),
  • Essentials Anthracite grey (aa3),
  • Essentials Light grey (av7) and
  • Essentials Chalk white   (ab9)

The Bisley essentials range of

  • Bisley Essentials 80cm Tambours
  • Bisley Essentials 100cm Tambours
  • Bisley Essentials 80cm Side Filers
  • Bisley Essentials 100cm Side Filers
  • Bisley essentials 80cm Cupboards
  • Bisley Essentials 90cm cupboards
  • Bisley Essentials 100cm Cupboards
  • Bisley Essentials 80cm Lodge units personal storage
  • Bisley Essentials 100cm Lodege units for personal storage
  • Bisley Essentials 80cm Desk high units
  • Bisley Essentianls 100cm Desk high units

Ideal or essential for every officesome items are available on fast track delivery