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Bisley Monobloc Lockers

Bisley Monobloc Lockers

 Bisley Steel storage monobloc lockers provide a functional yet stylish solution for secure personal storage in commercial, office, warehouse, golf clubs, health clubs, cloakrooms, sports clubs, schools and NHS environments. With the great Bisley name, you know you can trust the right steel storage lockers from Bisley Direct.

The Bisley Monobloc locker has a welded carcase with the following vertical door options and sizes:

  • Bisley Monobloc 1 door locker with 248mm wide doors
  • Bisley Monobloc 2 door locker with 248mm wide doors
  • Bisley Monobloc 3 door locker with 248mm wide doors
  • Bisley Monobloc 4 door locker with 248mm wide doors
 Bisley Monobloc 1 door locker with 348mm wide doors:
  • Bisley Monobloc 2 door locker with 348mm wide doors
  • Bisley Monobloc 3 door locker with 348mm wide doors
  • Bisley Monobloc 4 door locker with 348mm wide doors

With seven carcase sizes and Optional Extras:

  • Monobloc locker plinth
  • Monobloc sloping top
  • Monobloc bench 
  • Monobloc leveller foot for height adjustment of 13-35mm code MLALF
  • Monoblock moulded plastic foot height 150mm making the overall height 1850mm   code MLMMPF

Each Bisley Monobloc locker is manufactured in steel and features include an undershelf coat rail with hooks in single door lockers, clean dirty dividers, perforated doors for ventilation and an integrated label holder. 

The Bisley Monobloc steel storage locker can be bolted together.

So why choose the Bisley Monobloc steel storage locker?

Reduced footprint on combination units compared to stand alone lockers.

Individually ventilated doors for better air circulation.

An extensive range of sizes, the Bisley monobloc lockers are available as

  • Single stand-alone monobloc locker                    322mm or 422mm wide 
  • Double Monobloc Locker                                     610mm or 810mm wide
  • Triple Bisley Monobloc locker                              600mm or 1200mm wide
  • Quadruple Bisley Monobloc locker                      1183mm wide (248mm door width only)

Each locker is 500mm deep for ample storage.

Bisley Monobloc steel storage lockers are also available with the following locks:

  1. Standard key lock
  2. Optional same lock number on all lockers
  3. Hasp lock for padlocks  (NB padlocks are not supplied)
  4. Rotary combination lock

When deciding upon locker storage and your needs think about Bisley monobloc lockers as provided to; Sports facilities, Government offices, homes, tennis and golf storage, schools, warehouses and catering service storage.

Available in the following colour combinations 

Bisley Monobloc lightly textured light grey carcase with the following door options

  • Light Grey av7
  • Oxford Blue Ay7
  • Cardinal Red ay8
  • Green bh2
  • Yellow bh1

Choose Bisley monobloc colourful locker solutions with huge choice and solutions to suit your needs.