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Bisley Bookcases
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  1. Bisley Bookcase Unit 08BK20 693H  H 69.3 W 80 D 30 cm
  2. Bisley Bookcase Unit 08BK30  H 99.7 W 80 D 30 cm
  3. Bisley Bookcase Unit 08BK34  H 114.9 W 80 D 30 cm
  4. Bisley Wooden Cabinet Top
    Bisley Wooden Cabinet Top
    As low as £150.00 £125.00
  5. Bisley Bookcase Unit 09BK20 693H  H 69.3 W 90 D 30 cm
  6. Bisley Bookcase Unit 09BK30  H 99.7 W 90 D 30 cm
  7. Bisley Bookcase Unit 09BK34  H 114.9 W 90 D 30 cm
  8. Glass top for Cabinets
    Glass top for Cabinets
    £118.80 £99.00
  9. Bisley Bookcase Unit 10BK20 693H  H 69.3 W 100 D 30 cm
  10. Bisley Bookcase Unit 10BK30  H 99.7 W 100 D 30 cm
  11.  Bisley Lateral File Book case 10BK34 H 116 W 100 D 30 cm
Grid List

11 Items

Bisley Lateral File Bookcase ranges


The Bisley BLF lateral file range was designed for the discerning customer to accomodate the demands of Architects and Specifiers within the design community. BisleyDirect are delighted to bring the BLF solution to the market for indiviuals as well as project teams. With our premium delivery and installation service we manage the process from inception to everyday use. 

The BLF  range has an impressive list of clients and installations, including Sky, BBC, John Lewis, Thams Water, Insurance companies and Banks. Bisley LateralFile™ has built a solid reputation and become Europe’s leading range of business specified steel storage. Attention to detail and a commitment to customer service have won praise and recognition from top architects, designers and their clients. With flexibility key to the design customers can specify

 Bisley Lateral File Bookcase products (BLF) have flexibility at the core of products. Ensuring your office works efficiently is a prequisite fo the design of the Bisley Lateral File Bookcase range and whatever your storage requirement from drawers to cupboards and lodges for personal space this integrated solution is the premium choice for longevity and good ergonomic solutions. Each unit is hand checked and built to high levels of tolernace backed up by a 10 year manufacturers warranty. 

The range can accommodate hanging files in A4 or foolscap along with b inders folders and paper storage. With teh adevnt of more flexibity owrking solutions the personal storage ranges with digital coin or key locks will work in your office.

Our site features the most frequently specified units of the extensive LateralFile™ range. Please contact us fir information on alternative dimensions, closures and internals.

 Features and benefits

 Exclusive colour palette

  • Extensive range of internals
  • Numerous height width & closure options
  • Guarantee (years): 10
  • Quality accreditation: BS EN 14073 2004 Part 2 & 3, BS EN 14074, BS 4875 1998 Part 7 level 4 & Part 8, BS 5459 1983 Part 3, DIN 4554/485, BS 476 Part 7 1987 Class 2Y, ANSI/BIFMA X5.2, 5.3 & 5.5, 1997/98, level 5.2
  • Key information: AB series, 500 differs, AB500-AB999, mastered, 1,000 differs available by request
  • Solutions include Tambours, cupboard doors, roll out drawers in various heights, Flippers that fold back into cupboards vertically and magazine holders whihc also are availble as bench seats.

The Bisley range of lateral file (BLF) products are available in the following special palette:

  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Slate an9
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase York ag9
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Silver arn
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Alaska ab6
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Regent ag8
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Portand ab8
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Vanilla ab5
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Black av1
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Traffic White ba5
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Fuchsia be2
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Azure bp5
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Parma bp6
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Prussian bp7
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Mimosa bp8
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Canary bp9
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Mandarin bq1
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase Orient bq2
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase garnet bq3
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase seville bq4
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase dijon bg5
  • Bisley Lateral File Bookcase tickleweed bq6

The full range of Bisley Lateral File Bookcase units includes, two door cupboards, tambours,lodges myspace lockers, drawer space, combination units, bookcases, magazine racks, seating, recycling units, coat cupboards, planters, sloping tops seat pads and dome tops.

All Bisley Lateral File Bookcase products are manufactured in the UK and are made to order. With a vast range of internal options and drawer sizes please contact us for details.

Bisley Direct have the largest range of Bisley products online and backed by our premium service we have a solution that works for both business and home environments.